Types of Wedding Gown

Wedding dress is the prime important for a bride.But to let know what are the type of wedding gown best for you is important because not all gowns are suitable for everyone. And there are some few standard types of gowns that are popularly pick and use by many brides. I hope this will help.

A-Line-Princess Wedding Gowns

A-Line/Princess Wedding Gowns – this is a very classic silhouette. This is implied by the name, resembles the letter A. it also has a tapered top, slope waist and flared skirt. This is the type of gown that tend to flatter women who have figures that are heavier in the hips and waist. This has also comes in variety of styles with some delicate trim and intricate beading and embroidery designs. This is also the type of gowns that are recommended for the most body types except to those women who don’t have defined waistline.

Ball Bridal Gowns or Full Skirt Gown

Ball Bridal Gowns or Full Skirt Gowns – this has a classic and elegant style with some fitted bodice and a traditional full skirt. The bodice are often embellished with some beaded lace motifs and while the skirt are usually layered with airy fabrics. This is the type of dress that are recommended for a full figured, pear shaped, and thin shaped bodies. This is also considered for those women who have a petite figure or an hour glass figure.

mermaid wedding dress

Mermaid Wedding Dresses – this are the dress that mimic the shape of a mermaid. With some typically fitted top but widen out at the knees. Just like fishtail but the differences are that it often have a trailing train. This is a good idea of a dress if you have small bust and small waist. These types of gown are recommended to those women who are petite, thick or having short waist or even a woman who has an inverted pear shaped body type.

Sheath Bridal Dresses

Sheath Bridal Dresses – this are the type of gown that are generally fitted dresses with a hems that traditionally end just above the knee. This are just made from a simple materials. With a shaped that is intended to show off the figure without extraneous detail and this are almost tube-like in appearance. These types of dress are recommended to those who have a thin figured or petite framed woman. It can also consider to those who has a glass hour figure shaped body. But this is not recommended to those women who has a thick or with a short waist, full figured, or even pear shaped body type.

empire waist

Empire Waist – this is the type of dress that is tightly fitted around the bust line. While the rest of the bodice falls straight. This is the type of gown that have been popular choice for centuries already because it is a good choice for the bride with a smaller bust since the dividing line in the fabric can creates the illusion of a larger chest. This are also a fine choice for the brides with less than perfect hips, it makes the straight line figure appear thinner. And this are recommended for women who are petite or those who don’t have a defined waistline.

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