Most Unusual Places to Get Married

b4Are you planning on getting married soon? If so, congratulations. Marriage is a wonderful life changing event so before you plan on getting married in a church like your parents why not consider getting married in an unusual location? If you really take the time to find an unusual and memorable location to get married your wedding will be something that you, your spouse, family and friends will remember for years to come.

The Beach

- As couples around the world plan for their weddings one of the first destinations that comes to mind is the beach. Just about everyone loves the beach because there is nothing like the backdrop of crashing waves and a beautiful sandy beach as a couple takes their vows.


- Many couples are choosing to get married on elementary school and park playgrounds around the world to add a sense of fun to their wedding and the playground is also an ode to the child like awkwardness that many couples feel when they first fall in love.

Vintage Steamboat

- Some of the most memorable and iconic locations to get married are steamboats. These locations are a beautiful connection to the past and a venue that never gets boring for the wedding party and guests alike.


- What better place is there to get married than on a cruise? When a couple gets married on a cruise they can instantly start enjoying their honeymoon with family and friends.

Extreme Wedding

- Many couples who enjoy activities like rock climbing are getting married while engaging in their favorite activities like bunji jumping, sky diving, paragliding and parachuting.

Las Vegas

- One of the most unusual and classic places to get married is Las Vegas. When a couple gets married in Vegas they can choose to get married by an Elvis impersonator and then hit the casino to celebrate.

Zero Gravity

- The ultimate wedding destination for couples who are looking for an unusual wedding destination is a Zero Gravity wedding. When someone enters zero gravity they get the chance to float temporarily like space astronauts do.

Bowling Alley

- Just about everyone loves bowling because it’s a very easy sport to learn and affordable too. Bowling alleys make a great wedding destination because they are big enough for a large group of guests and offer other perks too like food, drinks and entertainment. However, expect a lot of bowling balls humor.

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