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Wedding Bliss To Wedding Blues

wedding_ring_bible_266080_lSo, it's finally happened; the two of you are married. The ceremony has come and gone, and now that you're actually in your new home and living together, everything couldn't be more perfect. For the first few months, everything is exactly how you pictured it would be... there are no fights, you see eye to eye on everything, and it seems as if the two of you are going to take over the world.


Work With Each Other

Around the seven to ten month mark, however, things start to change. You get testy with each other more easily, arguments happen over little things that don't matter. Work keeps you both preoccupied, and you start seeing less of each other. A million factors can be the cause, but before you know it, you're both in a rocky marriage. It's not the end of the world- plenty of couples go through rough spots. Luckily, you've got options available to you that can help you both to work through your issues, and focus on what matters; each other.


Save Your Relationship

If you find yourselves in this unfortunate situation, there's nothing wrong with seeking out either premarital counseling or couples counseling. With proper treatment, and an honest investment on behalf of both of you, there's no reason that the two of you can't overcome your issues, and save everything that you've worked so hard to build up over the past year or two of your lives. Counseling is nowhere near as taboo or off putting in society as it once was, and that means you should have no problem admitting it to those in your life who care for the two of you. If you're invested in your relationship- if you truly care about one another, then do what you have to do.

The truth in life is that everyone has problems. No one is perfect, and there's no such thing as a perfect marriage. People grow, change, and have conflicting beliefs. What's important is the love between the two of you. If that is still present, and you want what's best for each other, fix your problems and get on with your life together. It really is that simple.

4 Facts You Must Know Before The Honeymoon

beach_couple_vacations_251124_lSurprisingly the wedding planning is going fairly smoothly. The wedding dress and bridesmaid’s dresses are chosen and fitted. The groom and his groomsmen have tuxes ordered and fitted. You have chosen the ceremony and reception venues, photographer, wedding cake, food, flowers, and everything else. It seems it is all under control and moving along slightly. Those, of course, except the honeymoon destination. You and the groom have tallied it down to a few choices. You meet and decide on Costa Rica. Once that general decision is made, now you must get more specific.


#4 Decide What Activities You Prefer

Costa Rica offers such varied types of activities that you may want to try all of them but simply will run out of time. If you love hiking you can go on expert guides trekking through the rainforest. For those who love to be active, there are plenty of options to choose from. Get ready for a certain adrenalin rush when you climb through the treetops and then glide at a fast pace between platforms on Canopy tours. You are only limited by your imagination.


#3 Travel Package Or Independent Booking?

Depending on what your travel goals are and your budget is, will guide you as to whether you should choose a travel package or book the trip yourself. When it comes to booking your airline, bundling your activities, and picking a resort, there is a lot of research necessary to make selections that fit you perfectly. For some people it is just too overwhelming to go through everything independently. There are so many great packages whether you prefer the beach or rainforest, posh resorts or intimate bungalows and casitas; there is something for everyone. If this is not your first trip to Costa Rica, being familiar with the area may cause you to be more comfortable booking your own trip.


#2 Research The Region You Prefer And Time of Year

Visiting various websites on the Internet will help you familiarize yourself with the varied regions of Costa Rica. If you have always wanted to see a live volcano, The Arenal Volcano and Tabacon Hot Springs area will provide it for you. Here you will get to witness the continual eruptions of the Arenal Volcano. At twilight a fireworks display greets visitors as lava bubbles out of the volcano. The Tabacon Resort provides a thermal hot springs for full rejuvenation of the bride and groom. There are three mountain regions but also miles of beaches with a unique vantage point with an area near the Caribbean coastline and another near the Pacific coast. The optimum time to visit Costa Rica is the dry summer season. The rainy season hinders hiking some paths that get rained out. In addition, some rural hotels close during the rainiest season of September and October.


#1 Determine Your Travel Budget

Like all things worthwhile, your honeymoon Costa Rica style will not come cheap. However, you get what you pay for as the saying goes. If you are determined to stay frugal, you can go to the local motel special honeymoon suite and save thousands. If you really love each other and want to have a honeymoon to remember, you will save your money and get ready for a spectacular adventure to begin building new memories as a married couple.

No matter what your budget, region/time of year, booking preference, and activities you select, Costa Rica will provide you with the honeymoon of all honeymoons. Not only will your friends and family be jealous when they see your photos, but don’t be surprised to see them booking a trip there. This will forever be a most memorable way to begin your married life.

All Brides Are Beautiful! Their Jewelry? Not So Much!

bride_269021_lWedding planning focuses on the dress, ceremony venue, bridesmaid, and other factors. Although so many elements of weddings are important, little emphasis has been placed on jewelry that brides wear to accessorize the wedding dress.


Newest Trends

Bridal jewelry is becoming more popular since many wedding dresses have plunging necklines or very low backs. Despite the lace and accouterments that the dresses are made of, adding jewels adds panache to the final look. Some Atlanta handmade bridal jewelry is custom designed by artisans who work closely with the brides to fully enhance the wedding.

The latest trends in bridal jewelry include the following:

• Tear Drop crystal and diamond earrings • Necklaces made from Swarovski crystals • Rose gold engagement and wedding rings were voted as the hottest trend for summer of 2013 • Rose cut yellow diamonds • Shoulder necklaces that cover the bared shoulders • Statement necklaces • Diamond and sapphire cocktail rings • Black accent diamond rings • Hair jewelry for brides wearing a fancy up do hairstyle


Other Accessories For Enhancing The Wedding

Weddings can be beautiful as are brides. They exude radiance but often something is missing. Aside from the wedding ring brides these days have learned to mix it up. They may wear white or beige but may decide to wear large blue earrings. Large cuff bracelets are sometimes gold or made of chains. Even turquoise and blue bracelets and earrings are being worn to stand out.

Watches with Swarovski crystals, chokers, mosaic tile collar necklaces are all the rage. Brides that have garden or beach weddings sometimes wear sunglasses or even floppy hats. Some brides are taking after an Eastern influence following the Persian and South Asian brides who do not shy from wearing big, bold jewelry or vintage pieces. Sometimes family heirlooms like cameo necklaces, chokers, and studs are worn as the traditional “something old.” Long chandelier earrings look great with popular with dresses with a streamlined shape. Tourmaline and opal stones are popular in bracelets and necklaces as are uneven pearls. Brides are enjoying how jeweled headpieces, tiaras, and hair bands compliment their wedding dresses. There are a wide variety of choices for jewelry and accessories for your wedding dress. Not only will your dress be admired, but also the jewelry will help finish off the look for the most special day of your life.

Mattress Shopping Can Be Fun For A Relationship

Mattress Topper

You and your girlfriend have been dating for a few years now, and the time has finally come for you to move in together. The problem is, both of you have terrible mattresses. Like, just the absolute worst. Neither of you complained at first, because it was early in the relationship, and you didn't want to hurt each other's feelings, but now you're both as honest as can be- you hate each other's mattresses. So, on top of working extra hours to save as much money as possible, and taking time out from your schedules to apartment hunt, now you have to go searching for a new mattress and mattress topper that you both can agree on.

Have Fun Picking Out A Mattress

Well, first thing's first- don't get stressed out about the process. What's great about moving in with someone you love is everything can be a fun new experience. To begin, do your research online. Look up mattress retailers that surround the area where you're going to be moving to, and then weed out how many of them offer free delivery. Then, from that list, start paring down retailers based on who is offering the best deals. Once you've got it down to a handful of stores, pick a day and hit them up one after the other. Take your time at each store. Really test out all the different models you're eyeing. Remember- this is the bed you're going to be sleeping on for at least the next five years. You've both got to feel as relaxed and comfortable on it as possible. It may take a while, but that's part of the enjoyment- this is one of the few times in your life you get to roll around and jump on bed after bed!


Make Sure You Pick Just The Right One

So now, you've got your mattress picked out, and all you're waiting on is the delivery. You've officially moved into your new place together, and the anticipation is killing you. The doorbell rings, and there it is- your brand new mattress. The movers get it inside and set up in no time flat, and before you know it, the whole thing is over with. You smile at each other, and jump and roll all over it before the sheets are even set up. The time you invested looking for this thing has payed off- you both agree that it feels incredible and comfortable, more so than either of your old beds ever did. That night, you both sleep better than you have in years. By taking a breath, and thinking things through, you and your girlfriend managed to turn what could have been a stressful situation into one of the most enjoyable ones of your relationship thus far. Things can only look up from here!

Alaska Is A Romantic Setting For Vacation

All Alaska Fishing


You and your wife have been together a few years now, and with another anniversary on the horizon, you're both looking to do something a bit different than how you normally celebrate. Well, if different is what you want, have you considered a trip out to Alaska? It is beautiful this time of year, and its gorgeous surroundings must be seen to be believed. Heading out there will allow you both to really get away from all the obligations and stresses of your daily lives, and allow you both to rediscover yourselves and connect in a way that maybe you haven't been able to in some time now.


It May Be Just What The Love Doctor Ordered

A romantic Alaska fishing adventure offers couples many opportunities that other vacations just don't have. First and foremost, it allows for isolation. You become each other's worlds, and sole points of attention. Your surroundings encourage romance- beautiful sunsets, serene water, majestic tree lines and mountain ranges. Taking the time to really focus on each other, and the single task of fishing will really bring out the best in yourselves, and serve to remind you just why it is you love each other so much.


Get Out There And Celebrate

Once you've had your fill of being out fishing, the state has plenty to offer those visiting for the first time, as well as return customers. Nature hikes, local eateries, historical tours, a diverse night life, and several other activities will keep you both celebrating your anniversary for as long as your in town. It really is the perfect getaway location, and may be just what the two of you need after years of being in the states, and falling into the slight rut of celebrating the same way year after year.

Spice things up a little, and book the trip out to Alaska as soon as possible. It will bring you not just a change of scenery, but a fresh perspective on your life and your relationship together as well. You'll return home renewed and closer to each other than you ever were before.

Wear A Max Azria Dress To A Summer Wedding

Isn't She Lovely Store  



No matter what you wear; the cardinal rule for guests of weddings is don’t upstage the bride. Summer weddings, particularly, cause us to go overboard with strapless dresses and over-the-shoulder blouses. There are many appropriate dress styles for hot weather. Let’s explore deeper into what styles to choose.


Designer Or Non-Designer Dresses

Once you receive that summer wedding invitation in the mail, the planning begins for what you will wear. In order to decide whether to wear a designer dress or not depends on the type of wedding you are attending. Is it a casual garden wedding? Or a traditional church ceremony? Maybe it will be unconventional-on the beach or a yacht.

If it is a highbrow wedding, Max Azria dresses are your best bet. Celebrities like Alicia Keys, Halle Berry, and Sharon Stone all don these trendy dresses for their chic style. This designer brand is built on bold colors that push the envelope. Women with a low-key fashion approach prefer simpler brands sold at department stores. They can show up at a summer wedding with these dresses, opting to instead use accessories such as scarves, necklaces, bracelets, or shoes to dress up their outfit.


Where To Find Outfits Perfect For Wedding Guests

As mentioned, department stores can offer simpler outfits to attend the wedding and people will be no more the wiser, when you dress up with a fancy silk scarf and some “to die for” shoes. Shopping malls are full of well-known stores selling designer brand dresses that provide many options to choose from. It is essential you pick casual dresses for unconventional weddings and dressier outfits for traditional or high-end weddings. Many cities and suburbs offer small boutiques with trendy, unique dresses. This means you won’t show up to the wedding to find someone else wearing your chosen outfit.

Catalog shopping is very popular with those who are busy or just don’t like to deal with crowds. You can wait for the publication to arrive in the mail. Once it arrives, browse through to find a dress suitable to your personality, body type, style of wedding, and price. Order online or through an 800 Number and wait for it to arrive at your door. Allow enough time in case you don’t like it or need a different size, so you can return and exchange.

A growing number of people prefer to search for designer and non-designer dresses and other outfits to attend weddings, online. You search brand websites and order. As with catalogs, allow enough time for possible returns and exchanges. Then, when the big day arrives, you will be the second to the bride in turning heads.

Costa Rica Is Great For A Honeymoon




As you plan a vacation away from Pennsylvania, why not think of going somewhere vastly different than what you are used to in your state. Costa Rica is considered an exotic destination that would be one consideration as a unique unique choice. As you plan a vacation away from Pennsylvania, why not think of going somewhere vastly different than what you are used to in your state.Costa Rica is considered an exotic destination that would be one consideration as a unique choice.


After all the angst and stress that goes into planning a wedding, when your special day ends it can be quite a letdown.  Most of all, the wedding night is oftentimes remembered as quite uneventful, because you are exhausted from the wedding day. Surveys have proved that this is truly one of the least romantic experiences.  I wonder what the surveys say about a wedding night in an exotic location?


What To Look For When Researching Honeymoon

Jamaica, Bahamas, Bermuda, Hawaii.  These are all popular honeymoon destinations.  If you and your honey are risk takers, who like to go against the grain, then maybe a Costa Rican adventure is in your plans.  Much research goes into finding just the right experience, when considering Honeymoon Costa Rica.


A seemingly simple thing like what to pack can be complicated ,by the fact this destination has many multi-climates.  Secondly, it is a time to really learn how far each of you is willing to go in terms of adventure.  Costa Rica is a mixture of activities, such as zip lining, swimming in waterfalls, hiking rainforests, volcano watching, and horseback riding


Why A Costa Rica Honeymoon Is Like No Other

If you want to stay at a swanky hotel or resort, those accommodations are always available.  However, when it comes to visiting a location that has its own rainforest, why not choose lodging at a more authentic destination.  After all, you are not likely to visit here again, or at least not for years down the road.  Leaves and Lizards abound, in the Costa Rican jungles.  A rural lodging venue can offer the choice of waking in the countryside, in your own rural cabin,with a magnificent view of the Arenal Volcano and mountains,.  Or you can book a treehouse perched high above the jungle canopy, with the call of the wild as your wake up alarm


Horseback Riding tours, accompanied by guides who lead you down to a waterfall, where you can swim is also quite the adventure. During the ride you will witness animals such as Monkeys, Toucans, or Sloths, in their natural habitat of  lush tropical landscape.  When you need relaxation from the hiking and riding, a good soak in a natural thermal hot spring might be just the romantic interlude.


This is by no means an exhaustive list of romantic places or things to do in Costa Rica, but it does give you ideas of the immense benefits to having your honeymoon in this tropical paradise.  One thing for sure, if your honeymoon ends up in Costa Rica you will have romantic memories to last a lifetime.

Having The Wedding Of Your Dreams No Matter What



It’s true that your wedding is one of the most important days in your life.  But in this economy, to have the attitude that you’re going to have the wedding of your dreams no matter what is a little lofty.  Yes, you could take out any number of easy loans for bad credit, so that you don’t have to worry about being turned down, but you’re going to have to pay those loans back eventually.  If Mom and Dad aren’t helping with the cost of the wedding, you may well find yourselves in your first situation of debt as couple together.  Hopefully, you only get married once and that is a good reason to do it up right, but take it easy folks.  Five years, 10 years, 15 years down the line, you can renew your vows on the beach in the Bahamas and everything will be beautiful, in its own way.  Hopefully, by that time you will have established yourself financially and be in a better position to do so. That said...


How to Save Money on Your Wedding Day

Rather than tuxedos, you may want to dress your groom and his groomsmen in nice suits.  The ladies can all buy matching dresses, from a discount chain and possibly even wear them again, in the future, if the bride doesn’t go all crazy demanding styles of dresses that no one really wants.  As far as bridal gowns go, there are gorgeous bridal gowns that can be purchased at a huge discount, because they have been used once.  Don’t shake your head just yet.  I have personally seen these gowns and they are some kind of amazing as are their prices.  Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.  And call in all the favors that you possibly can.  If you know someone who caters give them a call.  If someone that you know is a photographer, makes wedding cakes, is a florist, works part-time as a DJ… These are all services that you’re going to pay for, unless you can find a friend that can do it for you.


Sure, No Problem, I Can Do Your Wedding

Now that you’ve called in your favors, make sure that you’ve called them in from people who are actually qualified to carry out their task.  You don’t want your wedding cake sliding off its pillars, in the middle of the reception.  You don’t want pictures of someone’s thumb rather than pictures of the bride, groom and bridal party.  Cooking for a boatload of people is a talent that is acquired.  It’s not the same as cooking for a family.  And, one person’s delicious might be another person’s too spicy, too salty, too bland…

...You get the picture.

Piano Music For Your Wedding

London Piano Institute_wedding_ceremonyWhen you begin to plan your wedding, it’s important to decide what kind of music you want playing, as your guests are being seated.  A great many musical instruments will help set the tone for your wedding, but there’s nothing better than the elegant sounds of piano music.  Wedding songs and instrumental pieces for piano will allow you to seat your guests and walk down the aisle, with elegance and grace. There are many popularl wedding songs available, for your special day.  The difficulty will be in choosing that special piece!

Types Of Piano Music For Your Wedding

There are so many choices for to make your wedding memorable.  Some have vocals, while others are solely instrumental.  If you are of a certain religious background, you can find Christian songs to meet your needs, as well.  Or, if you like another genre like Country for your wedding, there are wedding songs, with a heartfelt country beat, to add joy, to your special day.  No matter what type of piano wedding music you are looking for, you can find it in music stores or online.  Also, you have the option of whether you would like to hire a master pianist trained at the London Piano Institute or arrange to have a deejay play piano music on a sound system.  Both options are a great way to enjoy wedding songs, with a piano, during your wedding ceremony.  If you need a second opinion, ask your wedding planner about what they might think could be the best option, for the kind a wedding that includes piano music.  And, in order to stay within your budget, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead and get the music booked well in advance.

Wedding music is  one of the most important decisions you will make to set the tone and ambiance of your wedding, so choose carefully and wisely.  When your wedding day approaches and the music begins to play, you’ll be so glad you decided to play wedding music that allows the   soft melodies of a piano create an atmosphere of love and romance, as you walk down the aisle.  In that special moment, you will feel overjoyed, and then you will feel uplifted by the piano’s crescendos, as you walk to meet your lifetime partner.  And, in that special moment, you will understand the beauty of piano music, shared at so many celebrations,  as you become one forever.

What Makes A Wedding Gift Stand Out?

1162807_gift_bowsThe traditional wedding gift is always something that is on the gift registry or something such as a kitchen appliance or something for the household. Generally people never think out-of-the-box and you can always bet on a very neutral and normal wedding gift.  If you are starting to think of ideas for gifts, and you are trying to do one that will stand out, then you need to start thinking about ways you can find gifts that are unique and interesting.

Finding Gifts

When you go to look for gifts you should always think about gifts for dad, but you also should think about different options you have to choose from for gifts. If you are thinking about a wedding that you will be going to in the near future, now is the perfect time for you to look for a wedding gift that is going to stand out.

Interesting Gifts

The cool thing about giving a gift is you are in control of what you plan on giving. For some people getting a simple gift such as a toolkit or even a specialized cat litter box.  What people do not realize is that when a couple is getting married or moving into a new home there are certain things that are not purchased. Not because they are not on a gift list, but they are not thought about.  You need to take some time and think about the people that you are shopping for, and that should help you figure out what is going to be great for their household.

Always remember that shopping outside of the box is going to be a rewarding experience because you will be giving a gift to someone that is going to be remarkable, unique, and extremely interesting.

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